Review of The Globe Album by The Silent Years

Album review of The Globe by The Silent Years

The Silent Years The Globe Album

Formed toward the beginning of the millennium, The Silent Years are five childhood friends from the Detroit Metropolitan District who released their self-titled debut album in 2006. This follow-up, 'The Globe', is given a UK release on the Gift Music label.

Beginning as something of a growling alt-rocker in the vein of My Vitriol, 'Out Into The Wild' takes an unexpected turn of ambience and harmonies, a sign of the quintets' chameleon-like behaviour to try genre hop. 'On Our Way Home' starts as gentle folk before impressively building layers of instruments to a crescendo, while jazz comes into play on 'Aging Gracefully'. The quirky rock of 'Climb On My Back' and 'Ropes' is reminiscent of We Are Scientists, while a darker tone is evident on the Interpol-like 'Know Your Place'. There's also a much lighter side to The Silent Years' palette, which is prominent on the aptly-titled 'The Sun Is Alive' and breezy 'Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park', which continue the inventive musical layering. Just when you think the band might run out of ideas, along comes 'Madame Shocking', which starts as a classical piece and ends as a lullaby. At sixteen tracks and clocking in at over an hour, 'The Globe' is quite an extensive listen, though it's understandable due to the amount of ambition the band clearly has. Given a chance, most will find various moments of aural beauty on what is ultimately a rewarding and fascinating listen.

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