Margaret Groening – the mother of Simpsons creator Matt Groening and inspiration behind Marge Simpson – has passed away aged 94 in Portland, Oregon. Check out some of Marge’s best moments below.

“Groening, Margaret Ruth 94 March 23, 1919 April 22, 2013 Margaret Groening died peacefully in her sleep on April 22, 2013, in Portland,” reads her obituary in The Oregonian. Since her son created The Simpsons – the world’s most successful cartoon – she has become synonymous with the character of Marge, as well has many of her family members. Her husband, Homer Groening was a war veteran and cartoonist; he passed away in 1996, and his name will ring a bell to you Simpsons fans. Amongst the other recognisable names in the Groening family are his siblings: Lisa and Maggie, his late aunt, Patty and Margaret’s maiden name, Wiggum. Margaret was born on March 23, 1919, in Chisolm, Minn., and supported the Oregon Symphony, the Portland Trail Blazers and many local yarn shops; she was very skilled with a needle.

The SimpsonsHere's Marge and her daughter Lisa, in real life

Since its first broadcast 1989, The Simpsons has gone on to become the most successful, and longest running cartoon. Marge, Homer, Bart Lisa and Maggie have become household names. Last month, Groening confirmed that the inspiration behind the show's fictional town of Springfield was Springfield, Oregon. We’re assuming that town will enjoy an influx of tourists this summer.