Neither Mr Burns, nor The Simpsons, have been particularly politically vocal over the past 20-odd-years, but it seems nuclear power plant owner and all round creepy-guy Mr Burns has found someone worth backing: Mitt "Meat" Romney. 

The video, with a two fold purpose, endorses Romney while also endorsing the return of the new series of The Simpsons, on November 4th 2012. Burns describes "the presidency as the God given right of the Republican party", before his right (or rather, a little more left) hand man lists a few negative points to Romney, including reference to the forcible hair cut and "tax returns that even Wesley Snipes would find suspicious". Burns then brings out Seamus, the Romney family dog, who went on holiday riding on the roof of the car, and asks the dog to choose between Romney's plate of meat, or Obama's paltry plate of shrivelled broccoli, "one of his wife's delicious healthy snacks". 

While probably being just as famous is Lindsay Lohan, Burns' support of Romney may actually prove to be more useful. Only time will tell- and there's not much time left! The US elections take place next week (Nov 6th), as does the return of the new Simpsons series. Exciting week! 

Take a look here to see how far you agree with Mr Burns: