This Sunday's episode of The Simpsons will feature one of the more inspired couch gag/opening sequences to usher in the show, with AMC's Breaking Bad being given the yellow treatment in a way that spins the drug pedalling drama completely on its head. The classic opening sequence for the long-running animated series will be dropped completely for one week only as Homer, Marge and Bart set up their own 'drug' empire.

Instead of crystal meth, the renowned blue produce being shipped around by the Simpsons family is a much more prewatershed-friend substance: cupcakes. In the opening sequence, Marge plays the cook whipping up a batch of blue cakes whilst Bart handles distribution, carrying away briefcases full with Marge's goods. Donning large sunglasses and the infamous Heisenberg hat, it's Homer's job to oversee the production process, (from the couch of course) but forgive us for thinking that he may not be up to the task of organising a major operation with such grace and industrious excellence as Bryan Cranston's character does on the AMC show. The whole sequence is soundtracked by the 1969 Tommy James & The Shondells track 'Crystal Blue Persuasion,' the track use on Breaking Bad's mid-season finale as Cranston's Walter White character oversaw his drug empire working in fluid motion.

Matt Groening
The Simpsons creator Matt Groening knows good TV

The show's synopsis reveals a few more Breaking Bad nods, with the major storyline revolving on Homer trying to save his marriage as Marge can no longer handle his reckless behaviour, ala Skylar White. Meanwhile, Milhouse becomes obsessed with Marlon Brando's character on A Street Car Named Desire and he tries to mould himself into acting in a similar badboy manner in a bid to impress Lisa (it probably wont work). The episode airs on Fox the Sunday (April 14) at 8 pm, whilst the finale of Breaking Bad will air this summer.