You know a British import has really hit America when it’s parodied on The Simpsons. That’s what’s happened with posh period drama Downton Abbey, which got a serious dose of Groening yellow.

In this spoof, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane takes on the role of a charmer by the name of Ben. He attempts to woo Marge with his love for shows like Downton – stuff that Marge laps up. They meet on a swingers website, although Mrs Simpson thinks it’s a cupcake website. We’ve seen Homer and Marge’s love tested many, many times, but will this season finale see their marriage end? Almost definitely not, but it’s fun to watch. Macfarlane joins this season’s guest stars that include the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, Ed Norton, Justin Bieber, Portlandia cast members Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, and Patton Oswalt. “We thought we had a great part that he’d be perfect for, and it would be great to have him on our show, so it worked out just right,” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean said of MacFarlane. “There’s been a little rivalry. We’re both humor shows and we make jokes, but it’s always been friendly."

Bart and LisaBart and Lisa go ice skating

Downton Abbey has been in the news recently for other reasons that The Simpsons. P Diddy expressed his intentions to appear on the show, saying that he loves it. This was subsequently denied by the Downton people, but that didn’t stop Diddy; he green-screened himself onto Downton Abbey and uploaded the contents to Funny or Die.