The Simpsons are doing Breaking Bad once again in this week’s episode. The Fox series is paying tribute or poking fun – take your pick – of the AMC drama, now in its final season. Of course, no drugs are actually featured in the opening credits video for The Simpsons. Instead, Marge dons a “Kiss the Cook” apron and goes into her lab... err... kitchen to cook up some blue cupcakes. She then sells them to the neighborhood kids, while Homer lurks suspiciously in the background, wearing Walter White’s trademark black hat. It’s all very suspicious and probably delicious. The entire sequence is set to Tommy James and The Shondells’ Crystal Blue Persuasion and, when the camera pans away, we see Bryan Cranston's Walter White and Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman in their lab suits watching the animated show on their own couch.

And this is how we know that Breaking Bad is legit. Emmy awards? Please. A show is only successful after The Simpsons have made fun of it. Now we can all finally relax and watch the fifth season in peace.

The Simpsons, 400th Episode Party
You know a show has reached iconic status when it gets parodied on The Simpsons.

"The hardest part was making sure there were elements whose symbols were Th and Si," says Simpsons executive producer Al Jean of paying tribute to the AMC series. "Once we had that, we were off to the races." The rest of the episode (sadly, not Breaking Bad themed) will air as usual on Fox this Sunday evening.