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The Sounds
Tony The Beat EP
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The Sounds Tony The Beat EP Single

Swedish five-piece The Sounds claim they are made of mud - literally.
No, not the cheesy seventies band that sang about 'Tiger Feet', but the brown sticky stuff that gets under your feet on weekend strolls in the country or cause one's little Micra to remain motionless, tyres spinning aimlessly while Mr Smug in the 4x4 opposite pulls away nonchalantly.

Fortunately, this record isn't irritating, or smelly, (although Maja Ivarsson's vocals could be classed as being tinged with the odd speck of dirt), and is thankfully what all good pop songs should be.

In fact, 'Tony The Beat' is quite possibly the most incessantly catchy tune you'll hear this side of Autumn (and bearing in mind we're still only in March that's some statement!) and if it isn't soundtracking every television and radio advert for this summer's festival and sporting season by the time Easter's chocolate wrappings are thrown away then I'm a hamster.

Quite simply, this is the record Gwen Stefani should have made instead of hangin' out wiv da homies and bitchas and ultimately sounding like the most out of place chav in Hollywood since Vinny Jones walked into the Golden Globe awards a bonafide film star.

But that's Sweden for you I guess - manufacturers of staid-but-sturdy cars they may be but when it comes to creating the best pop music, they're pretty much second to none.

Dom Gourlay

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