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24th June 2013

Fact: British rapper Mike Skinner has directed a short film which will air on Britain's Channel 4 network this week (beg24Jun13). The former The Streets star's project is titled Spoiler Alert.

23rd January 2013

Tweet: "my Djing in leeds on friday has been cancelled due to bad weather. gutted as i'm only up the road but i'm told it'll be rescheduled 4 march". The Streets star Mike Skinner's Dj gig this week (25Jan13) is another casualty of the blizzard-like conditions currently hitting the U.K.

19th March 2012

Quote: "All I would say is crack and smack are so addictive that I wouldn't recommend them. I wouldn't. I don't want anyone else to try and learn that - just take my word for it. It's just really addictive." The Streets star Mike Skinner urges fans not to follow in his drug-taking footsteps, despite admitting he enjoyed his time on narcotics.

3rd August 2011

Fact: The Streets star Mike Skinner has signed off as a recording artist by contributing new tunes to the soundtrack of British film The Inbetweeners. Skinner, who plans to quit the music industry for a career as an actor after completing his current tour in October (11), has recorded 10 tracks for the movie, which hits cinemas in Britain later this month (Aug11).

5th April 2011

Quote: "I was so in love with Mike Skinner that I wrote him a letter. And when I told my friend about it she cussed me, so I went and pretended to do the washing up and cried." Adele was a big fan of The Streets star Mike Skinner.

18th February 2011

Quote: "I'm really excited about being a producer now. I'll be working for other people. I am certainly a better producer than I am a performer." Rapper MIKE SKINNER is looking forward to putting The Streets behind him when his record contract ends later this year (11).

24th December 2010

Quote: "When I was about six or seven I got into an argument with my mum over Christmas dinner, and I decided then and there that I was going to become a vegetarian. And I didn't stop being a vegetarian for about 10 years. I'm quite stubborn like that. Once I start doing something, I tend to just keep on doing it." The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER shunned festive turkey dinners as a child.

24th September 2009

Quote: "(It) amazes me that my heart has not stopped beating for my whole life. Years and years of reliably life-sustaining spasm. I heart my heart." The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER appreciates his health.

27th June 2009

Fact: The Streets paid tribute to Michael Jackson during their set at legendary U.K. music festival Glastonbury on Friday (26Jun09) by covering his 1983 hit BILLIE JEAN.

24th June 2009

Fact: The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER has a spooky new obsession - he is creating his own crop circle in a field near London.

6th May 2009

Fact: The Streets star MIKE SKINNER has written a song about the swine flu outbreak. The rapper has posted the tune, titled HES BEHIND YOU, HES GOT SWINE FLU, on internet site

17th February 2009

Quote: I'm glad Lily Allen thinks my music is boring. At least she's not stalking me any more. Mike Skinner hits back at LILY ALLEN's comments that his music is bland.

20th November 2008

Fact: The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER is preparing a surprise composition for a ballet performance at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London this Saturday (22Nov08) as part of a concert organised by the youth charity Ctrl.Alt.Shift.

30th October 2007

Quote: "I haven't gone all 1968, we won't be asking for people to decide what price they'd like to pay. They will be reassuringly expensive." The Streets star MIKE SKINNER pokes fun at Radiohead's decision to allow fans to chose how much they pay for their new album.

21st February 2007

Quote: "I'm moving house, which means I've got to create a name for the new bedroom studio. The walls are yellow and have THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE all over them, so maybe something like Thomas The Think Tank." The Streets star MIKE SKINNER struggles to christen his domestic work space.

22nd June 2006

Quote: "In Seattle I jumped into the audience and I managed to get someone to pass me a drink. And then I crowd-surfed to the back of the venue, gave the drink to the sounds guy and surfed all the way back. That was my favourite. It's just something to do, isn't it?" The Streets frontman MIKE SKINNER finds ways to entertain himself during a live show.

10th May 2006

Quote: "You just have to be nice to everyone, you just have to accept that you're never off duty and you can always offend someone. And anything can end up in the papers." The Streets frontman MIKE SKINNER is always prepared to meet his public.

9th May 2006

Quote: "If there's a theme to the new album, it's living the dream and what the dream's actually like. And a part of that dream for me is definitely those red Ferraris and Miami Vice." The Streets frontman MIKE SKINNER reveals the influences behind his third album HARDEST WAY TO MAKE AN EASY LIVING.

22nd April 2006

Fact: The Streets star MIKE SKINNER flew to Rome, Italy, so he could be in the city for POPE JOHN PAUL II's funeral last year (05).

10th April 2006

Quote: "I can only think about one thing. Whatever I'm doing at the time, I'm very passionate about. I get really, really intensely into stuff, and I really, really intensely f**k things up." The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER doesn't do things by halves.

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