The Strokes star Albert Hammond, Jr. has told how his crippling addition to heroin and cocaine left him fearing for his sanity and drove him to the brink of death.

The guitarist revealed last month (Sept13) that he had been hooked on the killer drugs for four years during the band's heyday, and now he has revealed the depths he sunk to during his addiction.

He admits he embraced the "dark side" of being a junkie and spent days alone in a room shooting up.

The Last Nite hitmaker tells, "I did some crazy things, some things I am not proud of. You know, I reached points where I was insane, hearing voices because I was up for so long, moving stuff around and locking myself in my room for long periods of time.

"I became in love with that very dark side of it, I became in love with the process of intravenous use, even more so than the drugs, just the process of pushing something in there...

"What everyone (in the band) tells me is that the friendship came before the band. Everyone just told me as a friend, 'I don't want to see you like this. Forget the band'... So I think everyone was just more concerned that I was going to kill myself.

"I wasn't going to kill myself on purpose, but you reach a point where you really just don't see it and you just don't care. It could have happened so easily so many times. I don't even know how I kept on waking up. First you are at least measuring it. But by the end you are so shaky, you are just mixing and pouring and sometimes you feel it. You push it in and you know it is too much and then your body goes into some kind of shake and you get extreme fear, like, 'That's it, I have done it, I have done too much. I am going to fall down'."