Review of All Or Nothing Album by The Subways

Album review of The Subways album 'All Or Nothing'.

The Subways All Or Nothing Album

After a good listen to 'All or Nothing' comparisons to early Feeder records can't help but be drawn, their first single 'Alright' is a dead ringer for one of their later tracks. Perhaps Feeder with the addition of a bit of McFly.

'Young For Eternity' was an instant success, The Subways had a lot of success at festivals on the year of release and it was an album that perfectly suited a lot of the indie kids of the time with it's energy packed sound. Everything their debut was 'All or Nothing' turns a notch up on the dial, mainly thanks to Butch Vig who took the role of production duty.

Tracks 1 to 4 are high octane rush rock tracks but the 5th 'Move To Newlyn' is quite different, moving to something closer to twee/acoustic genre, unfortunately the lyrics fall short and it appears the only thing the track does is make reviewers nock off stars.

Luckily, The Subways make a quick recovery and the rest of the album continues in a similar way to the start, more of the same but it's what The Subways do best and should stick to.

Rating 7/10

Mike Rea

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