The Subways, Interview

23 July 2008

The Subways -  Interview

The Subways - Interview

The Subways Interview

'Singing and playing the guitar is what I love to do most, it gives me purpose in my life' admits The Subways frontman Billy Lunn as we sit down for a chat about the bands forthcoming album 'All or Nothing.'

Three years ago the band burst onto the music scene with their energetic, catchy debut album 'Young for Eternity' and their brilliant live shows. After touring continuously for almost two years the band were excited to finally lay down plans for their second album, as Billy explains '[when] we finished the first record I was just consumed with the idea of making a much much better record second time round.'

However, the recording of the album was met with complications. Billy required surgery on his vocal chords which placed the bands future in doubt. Clearly relieved the 23 year old explains, 'the doctor said that if the surgery didn't go well, it's not that I might not sing again, I may never talk again. I couldn't speak for three weeks and I couldn't sing for two months and that was just quite horrific really.'

He focused his frustration into plans for the second album, 'I channeled my energies in other ways and because I couldn't talk I was thinking a lot more, analysing a lot more' Billy admits 'I guess I became a lot more opinionated on things around me and I started writing in these journals, writing ideas, writing lyrics for songs, writing melodies that I'd heard in my head, watching films, reading books.'

It was not the only problem to hit the trio as Billy and bassist fiancé Charlotte split during the recording process. Despite the heartache the band pressed on with the album and Billy's emotions come across in the forthcoming albums lyrics. 'I think I've really worn my heart on my sleeve on this record' he admits 'mainly because I couldn't talk during that period and when I could talk I just wanted to say everything I thinking, that I felt, so I decided to be completely and utterly brutally honest. Many things that were going on with my relationship with Charlotte or what was happening with my friends of family, I guess it all just splurged out of me. I guess that just gave us the fire in the belly, everything was more explosive and that's why the record sounds really really loud.'

Despite the bands traumas they finished the album and are now happily back on the road. It is something they are clearly enjoying as Billy enthuses, 'the tours going amazing. It's incredible. Everyone dancing, going crazy, there's beer flying everywhere. We're just having a f*****g amazing time and it's great to be back on tour.' Despite the bands new, heavier sound there is one aspect of the band that will never change, Billy's stage diving, 'I dove off a balcony in Glasgow the other day, feeling the wind rush through my hair was amazing!' he jokes.

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