The Thrills

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The Thrills live @ thecockpit leeds

The Thrills are one of the most hyped new bands around. Seeing them live at the cockpit justified media speculations that they are certainly set to be the next big thing.

Standing in a packed out venue that's so busy the old sardines' adage sprung to mind. Steam rises from the eager sea of punters - eagerly waiting to be blown away. The excitement builds but you also feel a high level of expectancy in the air. It's a simple equation…hype must equal results!

The Dublin lads take to the stage with long locks flowing, Conor Deasy takes the microphone looking nicely chilled and greets the crowd, no doubt - the crowd is ready. Are the band? The boys get straight into it and start with bouncy favorite Santa Cruz (you're not that far) making it their business to fill the room with their stage presence.

You can tell the band are comfortable with being on stage and most certainly they were psyching themselves up for the biggest festival of the year (Glastonbury) that they were playing two days later.

The Thrills    @
The Thrills    @

They romp through the majority of their debut album "So much for the city" doing the heavily produced record some justice, filling in the harmonies, solos and tricky arrangements cleverly. The sound isn't maybe the easiest to translate to the live environment but the power is definitely there.

The Thrills are a fledgling super group learning the ropes in the same way everyone has to. They have some way to go before they can conduct a stadium crowd. Although, the raw materials are there for all to see.