The Thrills

The Thrills - [email protected] 17 , Camden - Live Review

The Thrills

[email protected] 17, Camden

XFM session 7/9/04

Although these days more used to headlining festivals, last night saw The Thrills hit a tiny venue in Camden for a one-off XFM session. Unless you’ve been passing through America recently, it’s unlikely you’ll have had the chance to see the band in such intimate surrounds since before the release of ‘So Much for the City’ but it was here that they decided to showcase new material from their forthcoming album ‘Let’s Bottle Bohemia’. Although shorter haired and longer of beard, there was no mistaking that The Thrills are back.

The Thrills - Live@Lock 17 , Camden - Live Review

Being squeezed on a tiny stage in no way detracted any of the power in the performance and from opener ‘ My Rosebud ’ the guys looked in top form. After such a gruelling tour across the length and breadth of the States , the band seemed genuinely pleased to be back on London soil .

‘Tell Me Something I Don’t know’ was next up and was well received by the tiny and those who recognized the track from it’s frequent try outs on the ‘ So Much for the City ’ tours delighted in singing along despite the fact the album’s not released for another week.

This time last year , across town, The Thrills were sitting at the glamorous showbiz offing that is the Mercury Music Prize only to be left disappointed. Last night they were backing the Zutons, who’s Mercury hopes sadly went the same way…

“This time last year we were waiting to hear who’d won the Mercury and it kind of broke our hearts. This year, our feelings are with the Zutons.”

‘ The Irish Keep Gatecrashing’ was almost lost in the surge of adrenaline that accompanied next track ‘Big Sur’ - on last night ’ s reaction, still a big crowd pleaser. Another snippet from ‘Bohemia’ followed in the shape of ‘Saturday Night’ which preceded current single ‘ Whatever Happened to Corey Haim’ - a salute to the excesses of fame:

“This is about a guy who starred in The Lost Boys in ’85,’86 but then he got lost in doing TV movies, drugs and one night stands”

It may have entered the chart at a disappointing 22 but judging by the reaction tonight it has stuck a chord with the fans who lapped up Connor’s passionate delivery and Daniel’s polished fretwork.

‘Say it Ain’t’ S o ’ kept up the momentum and was followed by , what frontman Conor claimed to be the centre-piece of the new album, ‘The Curse of Comfort’, but despite this backing it seemed to lack the punch of some o f the other new tracks .

‘So Much for the City’ favourites ‘Old Friends’, ‘New Lovers’, ‘One Horse Town’ and ‘Don’t Steal our Sun’ meant the set closed on a high and the band seemed happy with how things had gone…

“We’ve never played some of those songs before tonight so thanks so much for your reaction, it means a lot”

The new songs went down as well as new songs can in a live situation and whenever things started to feel a little flat there was an old favourite waiting in the wings to pick things up again.

Finishing off with ‘Santa Cruz’ may be a little predictable but that’s because but why mess with a winning formula? The track left those lucky enough to win or blag tickets to the gig grinning as they spilled onto the Camden Streets. There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday night!


My Rosebud

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

The Irish Keep Gatecrashing

Big Sur

Sat Night

Whatever Happened

Say it Ain’t So

The Curse of Comfort

Old Friends, New Lovers

One Horse Town

Don’t Steal Our Sun