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The View
Superstar Tradesman
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The View Superstar Tradesman Single

What a way to introduce yourself onto the music scene, with such a catching guitar riff that The View hit out with. Superstar Tradesman is the follow up to Dirty Little DJs and if that had people talking and the music industry bigwigs keeping a very close eye on these guys from Scotland.

The View show what a raw talent they are and these next couple of months could be interesting and exciting for The View. Superstar Tradesman is a nippy high vibe track that will have you tapping your foot and sing out outburst embarrassingly. That's just what The View do to you. To catch a glimpse of a band that will massive before they know it go down and see them support the mighty Primal Scream at Rock City, and lets face it Primal Scream won't have any old band supporting them.

Mark Moore

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