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The View The Don Single

I have it on good authority that after damaging several rooms, The View have recently been banned from all this country's Travelodges. While the budding rock n roll icon may be overjoyed to proclaim "you wouldn't catch The Kooks doing that", it's difficult quite to relate that kind of image to The View's music.

In general, The View have tailed on to that generic grubbiness that's liberally brushed an indiscriminate coat over the last 18 months of indie music, but without any of its wit. In 'The Don' they tackle the familiar stripped down quip; the boys from school who have a right old laugh playing pranks, cheeky little grins at girls and -to categorise it an insulting fashion - tom-foolery. Breezing through the memories, warm-hearted recollections of milk bottles (remember those?) and the corner shop sound genuinely endearing, but there isn't anything more than casual wispiness to help this single make anyone sit up and notice. Wait till the Travelodge ban lifts.

Jamie Curtis

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