Earlier this year, it was revealed that 'The Walking Dead' and sister series 'Fear The Walking Dead' would finally be crossing over at some point in the near future. Taking place in the same universe, but at separate points in time, it may be a little tricky for showrunners to work out exactly how they'll do the crossover.

Greg Nicotero serves as executive producer on 'The Walking Dead'Greg Nicotero serves as executive producer on 'The Walking Dead'

Creator Robert Kirkman confirmed the news at New York Comic Con, though he wouldn't reveal just which character would be making the move from one show to the other. A popular theory suggested that it would be Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) who made the jump to 'Fear', as the show takes place before his death and will be moving in location to Houston. 

Other fans suggested that the location was in fact just a coincidence, and somebody else would be appearing on the show.

Speaking with Comicbook.com, 'The Walking Dead' executive producer Greg Nicotero was asked whether or not he'd seen a fan theory that was correct about the planned crossover, to which he replied: "Nope, not yet. I love the fan theories. The Abraham one was certainly intriguing and definitely my favourite. I'm not sure when it's gonna take place. I don't know when we're actually introducing that. Listen, the fans come up with some great ideas. Even if they were on point, you know I can't tell you that!"

The slight backpedal by Nicotero suggests that those working on the show may have already thrown the ideas that fans have come up with around the writers room, or could even be using fan theories to influence their decision making in the future. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in meetings surrounding the upcoming crossover in that regard.

Whatever the case may be, a crossover between the shows is something that viewers have been asking for ever since 'Fear' was announced. It's good to know that, despite bosses previously saying one would never happen, they've listened to the wants of their fans and will be delivering something exciting in upcoming years. Whether or not it's successful however, remains to be seen...

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 continues Sundays in the US on AMC and Mondays in the UK on FOX.