When Josh McDermitt first made an appearance in 'The Walking Dead' as the rambling and socially awkward Eugene Porter, many fans felt sorry for the character. Now though, having left Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group of survivors and now working under Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) alongside The Saviors, it's hardy to find sympathy for the man who has consistently sold his friends down the river.

Josh McDermitt has opened up about how he wants Eugene to dieJosh McDermitt has opened up about how he wants Eugene to die

In the future, it's clear that Eugene will eventually succumb to the zombie apocalypse taking over the land. Whether he's killed off by a zombie or a fellow survivor of the traumatic event remains to be seen, but it doesn't seem likely that there's end-game for the character.

McDermitt himself seems to have reached the same conclusion, and has this week been talking about how he'd like to personally see Eugene meet his maker.

Writing in his blog for EW, the actor revealed: "I don’t know that there is anyone more fun to watch do a physically intense fight scene than Andrew Lincoln. I told him and Greg Nicotero (resident badass) that IF Eugene were to die, I want to be choked out by Rick. Most actors have a “thing” — a look they can shoot to the camera, and that’s how they make their money throughout their career... I think Andrew Lincoln’s “thing” is choking people in a scene. It’s so intense you think he’s really trying to choke the guy."

It's hard to deny that this wouldn't be a slice of poetic justice for Eugene, but we imagine that any plans that are in place for the character are already set in stone. Still, that's not to say writers won't take direction from those working closely under them, so to see exactly where Eugene's story will go from here will be very interesting indeed. While we predict Eugene will die eventually, that doesn't have to be in the immediate future! We've got 'All Out War' to get through first, anyhow...

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 reaches its mid-season finale this Sunday in the US on AMC and Monday in the UK on FOX.