'The Walking Dead' has faced a run of unfortunate circumstances throughout the past 12 months or so, even seeing the death of stuntman John Bernecker on their set when he was filming scenes for the AMC show. Sustaining a serious head injury after falling 30 feet onto a concrete floor, Bernecker didn't immediately die, but was immediately ruled dead due to "accidental blunt force trauma".

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon in the long-running AMC seriesNorman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon in the long-running AMC series

Though this happened months ago, it would seem it's a case that could haunt AMC for the months to come, as Bernecker's family aren't happy with the way in which the veteran stuntman worked during his time on 'The Walking Dead'.

Thanks to a report on ScreenCrush, we now know that the family of the late stunt performer have filed a lawsuit against AMC, specifically Bernecker's mother, Susan, claiming that her late son was working in an "unsafe" environment.

They claim that AMC "orchestrated and enforced a pattern of filming and producing 'The Walking Dead' cheaply and, ultimately, unsafely."

Susan goes on to say that AMC put pressure on their production company Stalwart Films to keep budgets as low as possible, resulting in the "unsafe" work space. 

AMC have already released their own statement in regards to the lawsuit, denying that they fail to meet safety standards and saying they "take the safety of our employees on all of our sets extremely seriously, and meet or exceed industry safety standards."

Whether or not the lawsuit will bring about any money for Bernecker's family remains to be seen, but we imagine more investigations will be taking place to get to the root of exactly why the stuntman died on that day.

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 returns with its midseason premiere on Sunday, February 25 on AMC in the US, and on Monday February 26 on FOX and NOW TV in the UK.