The Wanted's Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey are set to become parents for a second time.

The 'Glad You Came' hitmaker and his spouse - who tied the knot in 2018 - only welcomed their daughter Aurelia Rose 11-months-ago, and now the couple have announced they have another little bundle on the way.

Tom confessed that he's not ''prepared'' to welcome his second child into the world, because becoming a dad for the first time to Aurelia - who turns two in June - had been a ''whirlwind''.

He told OK! Magazine: ''I don't know if I'm prepared for it! Aurelia has been a whirlwind and all of a sudden we've got another baby on the way!''

The 31-year-old singer's other half insisted that whilst Tom was shocked by the news, she wasn't at all, and she is hoping they'll expand their brood even further in the future, though she admitted she's not sure if that's what Tom wants.

She said: ''I wasn't, but Tom definitely was.

''I had stopped breastfeeding Aurelia, and that can make you more vulnerable to getting pregnant.

''I want a big family so I would rather just get it over and done with.

''I'd like to have three or four, but I don't know how Tom feels about that.''

Kelsey had an inkling that she was pregnant and after she took the test, she surprised Tom with the news, and he was overcome with ''a wave of anxiety''

She shared: ''I did a pregnancy test at my mum's house as I just felt like I could be.

''I rang Tom and told him to come over - he had no clue whatsoever.

''When he arrived, I said, 'I've got you a present,' and handed him the test. He was like, 'What the hell? I just had a wave of anxiety.'''

Tom also opened up about the challenges he faced as a new dad and admitted he felt like his life had ''turned upside down'' at first.

But once the tot started ''smiling and laughing'' and was out of the ''newborn'' stage, he was able to ''relax'' more.

He explained: ''It's such an adjustment to your previous life.

''You lose the freedom of being able to do whatever you want to do, because you've got another human to be responsible for.

''Once I got over the initial shock of my life being turned upside down, I was okay.

''When she was out of the newborn stage, and was smiling and laughing, that made me relax into being a parent.''