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The Warlocks Surgery Album

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This album is like an audio book, each song is a life churning chapter in someone's life and in this case it must be of a certain Mr Bobby Hecksher, he's back :) This album is a god send, if you have been listening to a bit to much indie pop recently then this little bobby will certainly float your boat. This is the type of music that's somewhat lyrically depressing but in a weird way your brain processes it and churns it back out making you believe that it's upbeat, don't you find they are always the best albums??

People who possess this skill are pure solid un-di-lu-ta-ble genius's. This album is no exception, Bobby stated that with this album he wanted to define a new genre of music, and was probably joking but press people take thing very seriously, and he wanted to call it "Space age doo-wop" (anyone who can come up with this sort of stuff should win prizes). The album is strong, each song a great tune both lyrically and musically and by the sounds of things these guys like their drugs, or they did and wrote songs about their love for them. Who cares as long as its good eh!!? Songs like 'Come Save us' (great music video to, check it out NOW) and 'Evil Eyes Again' are just breathtaking. With all these Velvet Underground comparisons you would think that they are Velvety impersonators and wore only Velvet. However if you diced in some of Ross Robinson's produced Cure album and some rhythm lessons off Interpol then you are nearly there.

This whole vibe thing regarding space doo-wop-bot is relatively true, but think a tad more dark and sinister. The Warlocks sound like they went back to the early 70's, skipped all the hippy shit, wore black dresses and chilled with the drug takers while the others minced around singing about peace flowers and worshiping flatulent alcoholics like Jim Morrison. But the only disappointment came when I found out that they have two drummers, how good does that sounds eh?!! But after about the 3rd listen I thought 'I am sure I read that they have a second drummer', I have no idea were he is on this album, or even if he turned to the recording rehearsals. He so extremely inaudible it's unbelievable. Perhaps a contender for the best job ever?! Maybe, we should help fund him by buying this album.


Alex Parker

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