The Weeknd persuaded his supermodel girlfriend Bella Hadid to star in his brand new music video for single ‘In The Night’, in which she stars as a beautiful but deadly dancer who saves the singer’s life.

In the clip for the new cut to be taken from his runaway hit album Beauty Behind the Madness, 19 year old Hadid features as a nightclub dancer who faces down and defeats a group of bad guys who infiltrate the place, while the singer himself mainly stands outside singing in the rain.

Bella HadidBella Hadid stars in her boyfriend The Weeknd's new video for 'In The Night'

However, the whole thing doesn’t go down quite as expected, as Hadid is the one who rescues his life, rather than going down the cheesy, well-worn path of the male hero saving the damsel in distress. Near the end of the video, he gets held at gunpoint before Hadid shoots his captor before driving them off together on a motorcycle.

It’s been a significant week for the 25 year old Canadian star, real name Abel Tesfaye, as he was cited for a total of seven Grammy nominations following his second album’s release earlier this year. He also got to see his televised performance at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which he gave late last month but went out on CBS on Tuesday night.

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Meanwhile, Bella’s older sister Gigi Hadid, also a high-profile model, revealed how she found it “weird” to be around her sister’s boyfriend while wearing only her lingerie.

In a pre-filmed segment, 20 year old Gigi remarked: “It’s a little weird walking past your sister’s boyfriend in lingerie.”

The Weeknd has been going out with Bella since they were spotted together at the Coachella music festival in April. They’ve been seen out and about on numerous occasions ever since.

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