The Weeknd used his acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards 2020 to call for justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor.

The 'Blinding Lights' hitmaker won two awards on the Sunday night (30.08.20) for Video Of The Year and Best R&B and used his time by raising more awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Picking up one of his awards, he said: ''Thank you, VMAs and MTV. I want to thank Lamar Taylor and Anton Tammi for the video. It's hard for me to celebrate right now and enjoy this moment. So I'm just going to say justice for Jacob Blake and justice for Breonna Taylor. Thank you.''

Jacob Blake was being arrested by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin when he was shot in the back seven times, four of which hit him. His family have said he has been left paralysed following the incident, although it is not yet known by doctors if this is a permanent injury.

Meanwhile, Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old Black woman who was fatally shot by plain clothes police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, in March.

The Weeknd made his appearance at the ceremony sporting a number of fake injuries including blood smears and fake lacerations on his face, similarly to how he had in the music video and has done sp for other appearances.

Elsewhere, H.E.R. accepted the Video for Good award from home, which was given to her song 'I Can't Breathe', which was created to highlight racial inequality in the US and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

In her acceptance speech, she said: ''Thank you so so so much, I can't believe I'm winning a VMA. I really have no words. It's a dream come true for me and I am so proud to be a part of this category.

''All of the other nominees were super dope and I'm super proud of everybody for speaking out on social injustice ... Thank you so much.''