We’re still not sure how Danes 'The White Album' managed to get their moniker past the Bad Band Names committee, but there we go. The group are becoming known for their sweeping, melodic rock – as well, obviously, for deciding to call themselves directly after a Beatles album - and today they revealed the new video for their track ‘Seasons End’. Have a look at it below.

The song’s called ‘Seasons End’ plural, but there’s only one time of the year that this is set in; a deepest darkest Scandinavian winter. In it, one of the band is walking around the seemingly shut theme park at night time, possibly in reminiscence of when it was open. There flashback shots to a bright colourful time when the stalls were open and he could buy popcorn, throw balls at objects to win prizes and generally lark about.

The video reaches its climax has he has a go on the Ferris wheel, before finishing on a poignant moment that sees him hand a small boy sitting on a bench a cuddly toy that he’s won. Heart-warming stuff. The track is available on new EP Conquistador, which is out later in the year, and is expected to mark the first step in the Danes big push to make it outside of their own country.