Returning to the West Midlands for the first time since a triumphant summer headline slot at the Godiva Festival in Coventry, The Wombats are in Birmingham for a late addition to their tour itinerary in Birmingham's HMV Institute, a venue which is housing a fervent and glowing fanbase. What's most remarkable about the audience is the youthfulness of its number, despite The Wombats having released their debut album in 2007. 

The Wombats

The Wombats have never been the most prolific when it comes to producing new albums - the latest offering 'Glitterbug' means they've released three albums in the space of eight years, but that hasn't had a negative effect on the reverence with which the band are held in. If anything, it only fuels the anticipation. 

Opening with new track 'Give Me a Try', they fail ignite the carnage that defines their live shows. It's when third track, 'Moving to New York', is dropped that the energy in the room shifts up a couple of gears. The Wombats never enjoyed a plethora of hit singles -  partly because the single's significance was already beginning to fade when they brought out their debut album - but they possess a canon of tracks that are sung with fabulous gusto from the audience that their shows can still envelop a feeling of it being a greatest hits set. 

Frontman Matthew Murphy exudes assurance throughout, delivering impeccable vocals and the new album's poppier and electronic groove allows him to breathe a little more and showcase a wider range.

On their return for a three-track encore, The Wombats have once again achieved what they do best: create joyful chaos. Signature tune and closer, 'Let's All Dance to Joy Division', only hammers home the message further.  


Jamie Brannon

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