Review of Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) Single by The Wombats

After the success of their debut album 'The Wombats Proudly Present: A guide to Love, Loss & Desperation' The Wombats are ready to return with their new single 'Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)' which is expected to feature on their second studio album that as yet has no name.

The Wombats Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) Single

'Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)' is in short a typical Wombats tune, quirky, fast and addictive. This is a band whose music you'd switch on to make yourself feel happy, they make 'feel good' music. It's certain to say The Wombats have found a formula that works and by the sounds of 'Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)', they're planning on sticking with it. It's been three years since the release of their debut album and it would've been nice to see the band evolve their sound a little more than they have instead of playing it safe.

The Wombats are currently in the studio putting finishing touches on the album, The Wombats are a very capable band and it will be interesting to hear what direction producer Eric Valentine ((Queens of the Stone Age and Lostprophets) has taken the band in.

Mark Moore

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