The Wombats are currently on tour supporting their latest album 'Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life', but after fourteen years in the trio, lead singer and guitarist Matthew Murphy is searching for other ventures to quench his creative thirst. And we are so looking forward to it.

The Wombats at Life is Beautiful FestivalThe Wombats at Life is Beautiful Festival

The indie frontman revealed that he was working on a new musical project in a new interview, adding that he'd already written a bunch of songs for it. Information about this band venture is being kept strictly under wraps, however we can conclude that it won't stray too far from The Wombats' ethos.

'I'm working on a new thing at the moment', Murphy told NME. 'It would be nice to say it when it's all finalised and ready, but I've got 20 songs and it's gonna be a new band. I'm just gonna see where it goes.'

The Wombats dropped their fourth album - and first since 2015's 'Glitterbug' - back in February, but naturally there was plenty of material they wrote and recorded that had to be cut from the final recording. Murphy isn't planning on letting any of that go to waste though.

'There were some songs left over from this album that we didn't use and I was like, 'They're really good, they should see the light of day somehow'', he continued. 'But since then there's been a load more and they've been parked, but we'll see what happens.'

Never fear, though, Wombats fans; it's strictly a side project and Murphy is not planning on a band hiatus anytime soon. In fact, he revealed that they'll be back in the studio for album five as early as next year. After all - who needs a break?

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Meanwhile, The Wombats' tour continues tonight (July 19th 2018) at Melbourne's Festival Hall, and they'll return to the UK for Y Not? Festival next week. Plus, they're also preparing for Lollapalooza next month as well as Pukkelpop, Leeds and Reading, Lowlands, and they'll round off the year with a North American Fall tour.