Upon his exit from ‘The X Factor’ – for good, this time – eliminated contestant Mason Noise has said that he wasn’t taking part in the show to win and that he’s “relieved” to have left.

Having already been granted a reprieve five weeks ago by being brought back by judge Nick Grimshaw, after fellow hopeful Tom Bleasby unexpectedly dropped out of the show voluntarily, the controversial 21 year old was finally voted off the show having received the least amount of support from the public on Sunday (November 22nd).

Mason NoiseMason Noise, who was eliminated from 'The X Factor' on Sunday (Nov 22)

He told BBC Radio 1’s ‘Newsbeat’ on Monday that he wasn’t disappointed, and that any future success isn’t dependent on winning the show. “I was happy each week I was there, performing on stage for millions of people. I wasn't in it to win.”

He also spoke about his choice of song for the first live show last week – Justin Bieber’s brand new single ‘Sorry’ – saying that it wasn’t meant as an apology for his rant at Simon Cowell last month when he dropped his mic after complaining about his lack of screen time.

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“I wanted to do it because it was like when Fleur East did ‘Uptown Funk!’ and no-one had heard it,” he explained. “That was the route to go down and then I realised where people were taking it. I never apologised for what happened because I didn't think I needed to.”

The same day, the singer endured an awkward exchange on live TV with new ‘This Morning’ presenter Piers Morgan, who asked him about his ‘Noise’ nickname.

“Noise isn't your name, right? Your name isn't Noise?” the 50-year-old probed jovially. Mason replied that the nickname was something which had stuck with him since childhood, Morgan continued to press: “So what is your name?”

Looking uncomfortable, the singer replied: “You'll have to go and google it.” Morgan persisted: “Mason, it's not ‘Question Time’, just what's your name?” This didn’t go down well. “No, it's like asking Batman what his name is,” Mason visibly bristled in response to this. Awkward.

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