Review of Superabundance Album by The Young Knives

Read a review for The Young Knives album Superabundance released through Transgressive.

The Young Knives Superabundance Album

The Young Knives have always been underdogs, the odd one out, the average band. This album is their second. One of the most challenging things for musicians to write but despite all the challenges, and the high standard set by their debut album, "Superabundance" steals the show and proves to be an incredibly infectious and breath-taking album.

So many good songs, so much effort and so much maturity as a band.their sound is unique, their music simplistic but effective and their material utterly incredible. The Young Knives have hit back at their critics with this album; they've made them eat their words.

Tracks like "Terra Firma", "Up All Night", "Light Switch", "Turn Tail" and "Rue The Days" are all exhilarating tunes.

"Superabundance" is probably one of the best albums of the year, but I severely doubt that the Young Knives will get the credit they deserve for it. No doubt someone will find a reason to criticise it; a pity really, because it's a pretty flawless album.

Daniel Black

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