Review of Terra Firma Single by The Young Knives

The Young Knives
Terra Firma
Single Review

The Young Knives Terra Firma Single

Let's face it, The Young Knives are never going to be a fashionable band, yet they posses something that everyone loves. The Oxford trio are what you could say are the total opposite of Liam Gallagher but still it's not about what you look like or how you act. Isn't it you say? No in this business the music does stand for something.

The opening chords are annoyingly something that seems that you know what it is but will be spending days trying to figure it out (four days, six hours, five minutes and twenty four seconds in fact). In the shape of Terra Firma The Young Knives have yet again captured what they stand for, which is great catchy tunes with a pinch of spice especially with the chorus again.

These guys are effectively three student looking geeks doing what blokes dream of and doing it in The Young Knives way. Fair play to the lads and hopefully that can keep on banging out the tunes.

Mark Moore

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