Review of You Can Do Anything Album by The Zutons

Album number three on it's way from The Zutons. After a quality debut album 'Who Killed The Zutons and nailing the "difficult" second album The Zutons return with 'You Can Do Anything'. These guys have always been the unsung heroes in the past; they have always produced great tunes and are what you would call a band full of real musicians.

The Zutons You Can Do Anything Album

So why, will this review probably contradict all that has been expressed? Hmmm lets take a look at the facts, which would be the album. 'Harder And Harder' kicks things off and you settle down safe in the knowledge that The Zutons have continued where they left off. Then a big crash to earth in the shape of 'Dirty Rat' ouch what the hell has happened to The Zutons? This is not them; 'Dirty Rat' is like a jazz tune but without the darkness that makes jazz such an intense genre. This is like mellow track and it actually hurts your ears to hear. The question now with this new piece of evidence is which song relates more to the album?

We continue on to look at the facts and as we sail by 'Whats Your Problem' and 'You Would Make The Four Walls Cry' despair on what has happened to these guys hits you. WOMAN SINGER vocals sound stretched and she should really stick to playing her sax.

You sit in hope that surely this is going to pick up, but then 'Don't Get Caught' comes around which is a lot more fitting on a Seth Lakeman album, which is all right for him but is not for The Zutons.

'Always Right Behind You' is the noose being tightened because although it is a good tune, but lets face it, it's a Status Quo song. If they had released this then no one would have batted an eyelid, but this is like The Zutons selling their soul. That's it, it is too painful to go on, I can't take anymore.

It is hard to decide what is more of a crime? A band that has been hyped up to the hill that in all reality are not even an average band OR A band with the high reputation that this band hold being as bad as a busker? If you are really into this band then it will be the later because it really is gut wrenching to see something like this happen to something that you are really into.

Mark Moore

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