Review of Glean Album by They Might Be Giants

With 21 studio albums listed in their discography, it's fair to say They Might Be Giants have had a remarkable career since their self-titled debut arrived 19 years ago and having originally been named El Grupo De Rock And Roll.  The outfit are currently on a run of shows entitled 'An Evening With.', forgoing support acts for the promise of longer performances.

They Might Be Giants Glean Album

The 15 tracks that comprise 'Glean' are full of bouncy rhythms and infectious guitar hooks that are great in their simplicity.  'Erase' is a case in point and TMBG are all the better for having a zany approach with little mainstream ambition.  'Good To Be Alive' is an ode to the brilliance of the human anatomy, while the touch of big band on 'Answer' is easily appreciated.  They further expand the pallet with the piano led 'Madam, I Challenge You To A Duel' and they inject a degree of overblown tragedy on 'End Of The Rope'.  For fans of synthesised pop, 'All The Lazy Boyfriends' is a kitsch number, but they make sure to return to their strength of easy-going rock with 'Unpronounceable'.  For the uninitiated this record can take a few listens to get into, simply because the leftfield approach to their craft makes TMBG an unusual prospect.  Given a chance though, there is plenty on here to be enjoyed, and even if there are pieces that might not be to your liking, that most songs fall under the three minute mark means it isn't long until you'll be back into the swing.


Alex Lai

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