They Might Be Giants have launched a super upbeat new pop-rock tune entitled 'I Left My Body', released ahead of their fifteenth studio album 'I Like Fun'. It's the first taste from the upcoming record, certainly delivering their expected brand of quirky pop with a head-nodding bassline.

They Might Be Giants to release new album 'I Like Fun'They Might Be Giants to release new album 'I Like Fun'

'I Like Fun' is was recorded by songwriters John Flansburgh and John Linnell with their live band (drummer Marty Beller, bassist Danny Weinkauf and guitarist Dan Miller) and produced by Patrick Dillett at Reservoir Studios in New York City - which used to be Skyline Studios where they completed third album 'Flood'.

'It has a lot of great memories for us', Flansburgh told Rolling Stone. 'For a while, it was going through some unlikely owners and the place kind of lost its vibe. But last year our producer Pat Dillett and his partner Steve took over the space, brought it back and in a bunch of ways made it even better. I know believing a studio has any kind of special power is believing in voodoo, but when the voodoo is working for you, that's okay!

It took the band around a year to record fully, being something that they immediately began after the release of 2016's 'Phone Power' - a compilation of tracks from their 2015 Dial-A-Song service. That length of time was surprising given that they did not waste time on any particular song, nor did the album go through a lot of processing. Indeed, they described this record as 'under-produced' compared with some of their previous releases.

They Might Be Giants will be re-launching their popular Dial-A-Song service for 2018; an answering machine service that releases new music for free over the course of the year. That means we'll very likely get another record by the end of next year!

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'I Like Fun' is out on January 19th 2018 through Idlewild and Lojinx Records.