Whether you're frustrated over the sudden shortage of toilet paper across the UK (we're not sure why stockpiling loo roll is the answer either), or generally just worrying too much about getting sick, it's time that we all took some time to relax. Here are a few tunes to get you through the craziness. 

Photo Credit: PixabayPhoto Credit: Pixabay

Dawn Chorus - Thom Yorke

Everything about the Radiohead frontman's 2019 solo album Anima is a trip, but Dawn Chorus is the dreamiest. It's all about loss and nostalgia, and the hushed vocals are so relaxing that you'd be forgiven for falling asleep. If you haven't already, make sure you check out the whole album, plus the Netflix short film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

So Easy - Röyksopp

This Norwegian duo have ambient electronica coming out of their ears, and their 2001 debut album Melody A.M. is one of the classic chill-out releases of the decade. So Easy was their first ever single and it did a good job in setting the tone for the rest of their career. Even if you don't know the band, you've probably heard the music on a television advert at some point.

Glory Box - Portishead

Highly regarded as the pioneers of trip hop, Portishead know how to bring those cortisol levels down. Glory Box featured on their 1994 Mercury Prize-winning debut album Dummy, and it's probably their most popular single of all time. It samples Ike's Rap II by Isaac Hayes and the bassline from Wallace Collection's Daydream.

Utopia - Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp's music generally falls into two categories; sexy AF and chilled out. Utopia, from 2000's debut album Felt Mountain, falls into the latter, with just a little of the former. The lyrics are on the cynical side, comparing genetic engineering to fascism, but you certainly feel like you're drifting into a utopia with this gem.

Lullaby - Low

Let this Minnesota slowcore band help you drift off to sleep with their Lullaby, taken from their 1994 debut album I Could Live in Hope. The album represented the soft side of alternative rock, coming up against the grunge sounds of the decade. 

Porcelain - Moby

There's nothing like a late 90s classic to get us in that chilled mood. Porcelain was released from 1999's Play and, while it's a break-up song, the downtempo, melancholy vibe makes for a great restful tune. Moby is set to release his seventeenth studio album All Visible Objects this Friday (March 6th).

Xanny - Billie Eilish

We don't need an excuse to sneak Billie Eilish into a playlist because she's incredible no matter what you feel like listening to. This number from her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is a slow track about how she doesn't need to get high on Xanax to have a good time - though, ironically, this same makes you feel a little like you're high on Xanax.

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