Thom Yorke has revealed that he’s being given surf lessons by one of his Atoms For Peace band members. I bet you can guess which one – no, it’s not Nigel Godrich.

In an interview with The Observer, the Radiohead front man, whose Atoms For Peace project released debut LP AMOK today (February 25, 2013), revealed that he’d been taking surfing lessons from bassist Flea – who also plays in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. "I used always to try to force things, in the studio,” Yorke said, comparing his music with his new found interest in surfing. “But it's like, you can sit out there on a board for ages waiting for the right wave to come along. You can't get angry about it. You know it will happen eventually and you start to understand the waiting itself might be part of it. Part of the fun."

Atoms For Peace streamed their album AMOK last week on their official site amid rumors that it had been leaked already, while Yorke and Godrich have since played in London (February 22, 2013) in order to launch the record officially. In the same interview, Yorke revealed that the idea to get an album together under the Atoms For Peace moniker came about in the wake of several US shows in support of his 2006 solo album The Eraser.  "I had these very small ideas," Yorke said, "just beats mostly. And we just played off them for about three days solid."

Thom Yorke Manchester 2012

Thom Yorke has been surfing with Flea