Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, has found himself on the front cover of an Iranian sex manual titled Marital and Sexual Problems in Men. The book was spotted at an Iranian bookstore by journalist Sobhan Hassanvand, who tweeted an image a few days ago.

RadioheadThom Yorke stars on the cover of a sex manuel in Iran

Bizarrely, Yorke isn't the only famous person to appear on the cover, with the American literary icon John Updike also pictured. It's unclear why either of the men have found themselves on the cover, other than the fact they both look a little upset. Hassanvand said the guide is aimed at solving sex problems between couples in Iran.

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Radiohead went into hiatus in 2013, with Yorke and Nigel Godrich releasing a studio album, Amok, with their band Atoms for Peace. In February 2015, Drowned in Sound reported that the band were working on a new album, with Johnny Greenwood telling Pitchfork that Radiohead had changed their recording methods, "working in limits" and using "very old and very new technology" together.