'Thor 2' is being re-written by 'Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat.

The Hollywood scriptwriter has been brought in by Marvel to re-write The Script, a first draft of which has already been submitted by Don Payne.

The comic book company has a policy of always getting a second writer to look over and polish scripts which have initially been submitted.

The film will be directed by Alan Taylor, as confirmed by Tom Hiddleston, who will return to reprise his character Loki, as well as Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman.

Tom said: "All I know about 'Thor 2' is that we're supposed to film it in London in the summer and that it's being directed by Alan Taylor."

Rodat, is best known for scripting Saving Private Ryan - for which he received an Oscar nomination - but he has also worked on films including 'Fly Away Home' and 'The Patriot' as well as overseeing alien invasion TV drama 'Falling Skies'.