Review of Sexor: The Collector's Edition Album by Tiga

Sexor: The Collector's Edition
Album Review

Tiga Sexor: The Collector's Edition Album

Canadian DJ/producer/remixer and part-time musician Tiga has been around the peripheries of the dance scene since the 80s obsessed fad known as electroclash first emerged at the turn of the decade. In fact, it was around that time that he had his biggest hit in his own right, the admittedly fantastic 'Sunglasses At Night', which seemed to both encapsulate and draw the curtain on the scene it was spawned from.

Since then of course, he's continued to make records, but more efficiently his greatest facet is undoubtedly behind the desk of a studio with other artists, something that his re-working of Soulwax's 'E-Talking' - included here for good measure - provides ample evidence of.

Last year, he finally got around to releasing his first long-player, 'Sexor', and despite it being a cult favourite in the underground electro club circuit, one can't help but feel that it all seems a bit like a farmer left picking up the pieces of his barn door after his favourite stallion has bolted.

And more's the point, if you already own the album first time round, why on earth would you want to buy it a second time for the bonus CD which among its eleven tracks features mostly remixes of the original album's more distinguished moments.

The DFA Remix of '(Far From) Home' and Tocadisco's Emergency Exit Remix of the Altern 8 sampling 'You Gonna Want Me' are all good and well, but unless you're off your head in a club somewhere one really cannot see the point in choosing this album for the pleasure of listening purposes alone.

Although this record is not exactly unlistenable, it does sound quite dated when compared to the likes of the far superior Justice and Squarepusher long players already unleashed this year, and despite there obviously being a market for the likes of this, quite where Tiga sees himself fitting in with the ever-evolving dance scene is baffling.

Average as average can be, then.


Dom Gourlay