The British Oscar winner traded her porcelain skin and short blonde hair for fake tan and a brown wig to play Amy Schumer's driven boss in the new comedy movie, directed by Judd Apatow.

Swinton, who is unrecognisable in the role, tells The Hollywood Reporter she had a "tandoori tan" in an effort to disguise herself, and looked to former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld and Beckham to help her nail her character's look, style and personality.

She says, "I had this idea that she (Dianne) was styling herself on Carine Roitfeld ... and that somebody once probably said she looked a bit like Carine, but she doesn't look anything like Carine...

"She's the woman who's trying to look like somebody who's the editor of French Vogue - and failing. And she dresses in Victoria Beckham. That was another kind of important moment when I realised that she had to dress like Victoria Beckham for some reason. She's wearing Victoria Beckham's designs because she thinks that she's that kind of high-performing, Teflon character."