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14th March 2014

Quote: "What I do is no more sophisticated than what my kids do when they dress up like an old lady or a dog." Tilda Swinton does not take her job as an actress too seriously.

8th November 2013

Quote: "last night, i played to a room of people whose names i worship, breathe like fine gold smoke, reverent. there is a lot of stupid s**t that comes with being lucky enough to do what i do... but i wouldn’t have traded last night for anything. i felt so warm in the arms of these legends who are good enough to have faith in me, weird little screwball that i am." Lorde on celebrating her 17th birthday two days early on Tuesday (05Nov13) surrounded by stars at a gala tribute to actress Tilda Swinton in New York. The teen singer actually celebrated her big day on Thursday (07Nov13).

25th March 2013

Fact: Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick were among the curious who checked out a sleeping Tilda Swinton at New York's Museum of Modern Art on Monday (25Mar13). The Oscar winner has been on show to the public as part of her The Maybe performance piece.

17th May 2012

Fact: French star Vanessa Paradis and Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton were among the specially-invited guests who took in fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld's latest Chanel cruise collection in the shadow of the Palace on Versailles on Monday (14May12). Models walked among the gardens of the famous home, which once housed Marie Antoinette, as the fashion elite looked on, while dining on foie gras and cake.

27th January 2012

Quote: "I'm too lazy... I've got kids. I don't know how people (parents) direct movies." Tilda Swinton has no plans to direct movies.

16th January 2012

Quote: "It did sit on the kitchen table for a bit and everyone was interested for a couple of days and then it kind of got in the way of the salt, so it went back to California, where it lives now with its rightful owner, my agent." Tilda Swinton on the Oscar she won for her role in Michael Clayton.

15th June 2010

Fact: Tilda Swinton is organising a mass dance event in Edinburgh, Scotland mimicking comic duo Laurel and Hardy's steps in 1937 movie Way Out West. The actress is calling for fans of all ages to learn the moves and turn up on 26 June (10) to mark the launch of her educational project, the 8 and a half Foundation, in conjunction with the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

2nd April 2010

Fact: Tilda Swinton has launched her own perfume through French parfumier Etat Libre d'Orange, entitled Like This.

12th January 2010

Quote: "I knew it was a great script, but I was a little nervous working with a first-time director. (But it) didn't look like he lost any sleep waiting for me." Denzel Washington regrets turning down the lead role in filmmaker Tony Gilroy's legal drama Michael Clayton. The 2008 movie scored seven Oscar nominations, including one for eventual star George Clooney, and won Tilda Swinton her first Academy Award.

5th October 2009

Fact: Tilda Swinton was crowned the most stylish woman in Scotland at the 2009 Scottish Woman of the Year awards on Sunday (04Oct09). The actress, who lives in the country's highlands, recently learned she's a direct descendant of 14th century Scottish king ROBERT THE BRUCE.

18th June 2009

Fact: Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton is to tour Scotland with a mobile cinema unit showing films in remote areas.

10th June 2009

Quote: "When I first started making films, if (filmmaker) Derek Jarman hadn't existed, I would be a professional gambler by now." Tilda Swinton on her alternative career.

27th November 2008

Quote: "I have gone out of my way... I have still not seen one image from the Oscar night. YouTube, I adore it, but I'm not going there." British actress Tilda Swinton still can't bear to watch the acceptance speech she gave after winning an Oscar earlier this year (08) for Best Supporting Actress in Michael Clayton.

17th October 2008

Quote: "The thing that touched me the most about making Michael Clayton was Tilda kept knocking on my dressing room door, wanting to rehearse the love scene again. I kept telling her: 'But Tilda, we don't have a love scene.'" Hollywood hunk George Clooney made a big impression on co-star Tilda Swinton.

8th October 2008

Quote: "We have a mutual admiration society that we're part of. I'm working on having him in each contract - it's tough, but I'm trying. I might have to take Tilda Swinton in the package too. She was in Michael Clayton with George - I'm working with George - I'm hoping to steal her away from him." Brad Pitt is considering having his pals George Clooney and TILDA SWINTON added to his list of contractual demands.

9th April 2008

Quote: "I just don't know how to act, particularly. I think of myself more as an artist's model than anything." Oscar winner Tilda Swinton ponders her profession.

25th March 2008

Quote: "Put me in a shallow grave of sand, done up to the nines in a huge flowery chiffon dress, stretched out like a sail on a beach in the Hebrides, pecked to pieces by birds." British actress Tilda Swinton's funeral plans are unashamedly unconventional.

25th February 2008

Quote: "I have absolutely no idea what happened after that. You could have told me my dress fell off." Tilda Swinton was left dazed after hearing her name called out as a Best Supporting Actress winner at the Oscars on Sunday night (24Feb08).

25th February 2008

Fact: Diane Keaton, Tilda Swinton, Dennis Hopper, Nicky Hilton and Red Hot Chili Peppers star John Frusciante were among the celebrity guests at Oscar-nominated director Julian Schnabel's art exhibition at the Gargosian Gallery in Beverly Hills on Thursday (21Feb08).

25th February 2008

Quote: "I have an America agent who is the spitting image of this. Really, truly the same shaped head and, it has to be said, the buttocks and I'm giving this to him because there's no way I would be in America... if it wasn't for him. So, BRIAN SWARDSTROM, I'm giving this to you." Best Supporting Actress winner Tilda Swinton dedicated her Oscar to her agent.

25th February 2008

Quote: "George Clooney... the seriousness and dedication to your art, seeing you climb into that rubber batsuit, from Batman + ROBIN the one with the nipples - every morning under your costume... hanging upside down at lunch, you rock man." Best Supporting Actress winner Tilda Swinton jokes about working with her Michael Clayton co-star, a former Batman, during her Oscars acceptance speech.

12th February 2008

Quote: "The washing machine is broken and I'll probably spend tomorrow mending it. That's what I'm concentrating on at the moment." Actress Tilda Swinton explains how she plans to celebrate Sunday's (10Feb08) BAFTA win for Best Supporting Actress for her role in MICHAEL CLAYTON.

11th February 2008

Quote: "George Clooney is a complete b**tard as we all know, but he's not here, he's somewhere in his Batmobile." Tilda Swinton jokes about her Michael Clayton co-star as she collects the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress at Sunday's (10Feb08) London ceremony.

22nd January 2008

Quote: "I am tickled pink at the nomination. I just got in from walking the dog. I had actually forgotten about it but I watched it on television. I was thrilled. I wasn't leaping from my feet and punching the air but I thought this is very nice." Tilda Swinton was pleased to discover she has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for MICHAEL CLAYTON.

7th December 2007

Fact: Actors John Hurt and Tilda Swinton have pledged their support for a $14 million (GBP7 million) appeal for a new London Film School. The school's chairman, director Mike Leigh, created the campaign to raise funds to replace the 51-year-old institution with a modern state-of-the art centre.

18th September 2007

Quote: "My son fell in love with (DAVID) BOWIE's music before he saw him. He probably likes him because he looks like his mum." British actress Tilda Swinton likens her look to that of the rock legend.

16th August 2007

Quote: "A common misconception of me is that I am an actress. I am truly not. I am someone who occasionally gets asked to be in films." British star Tilda Swinton plays down her Golden Globe nomination for 2001 movie The Deep End.

21st November 2005

Quote: <p>"I've always been very proud of it. I've used it to threaten my brothers my entire life." British actress Tilda Swinton on her third nipple. </p>

30th October 2005

Fact: <p>Actress Tilda Swinton and tragic British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales were in the same year at West Heath School in south east England. </p>

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