Veteran comedian Tim Allen is relieved he is nearing the end of his stand-up residency in Las Vegas, because the late night shows are really taking their toll on him.

The Home Improvement star made his return to the comedy circuit earlier this year (13) with a series of regular weekend shows at The Venetian hotel and casino, but the 60 year old admits flying in to Sin City from Los Angeles, where he shoots his Tv sitcom Last Man Standing, is a drag.

He says, "I forget what it's like to do a 14-hour day (shooting Last Man Standing) and then fly to Las Vegas and go to The Venetian and I was up on stage... I was in the middle of my act in the 10 o' clock show and... I was looking around for a stool or something. I said, 'What happens if you just (pass out)?!' This 10 o' clock show is just (tiring)."

And Allen admits winning over the audience in Vegas takes a little extra effort as many are already annoyed at losing money at the casinos.

He adds, "They're kinda p**sed. That Friday show, people go in, and they're like, 'Go on, make me laugh'... You just flew in and they're paying big bucks... You do a show and you dress up for it, but boy, I tell you, I get off that airplane and (by) 10 o' clock (I want to go to bed)."

Allen's final dates at The Venetian on his current schedule are due to take place this weekend (22-23Nov13).