Review of I Believe Album by Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess - I Believe

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Tim Burgess - I Believe - Album Review
There is no argument; Tim Burgess is blessed with a great voice. Having honed his vocal talents with the Charlatans and guest appearances that include the Chemical Brothers his adolescent tones are instantly recognizable and that is the mark of any truly talented vocalist.

Although, when faced with the task of writing and producing a coherent solo album the evidence proves that the Charlatans are no one man band.

Music - Tim Burgess - I Believe - Album Review

The albums theme focuses on Tim's adopted homeland of California with a tight west coast funk-soul backing band thrown in for good measure. Lyrically abhorrent at times the record drips with your typical Yankee Doodle drivel. "I Believe in California Soul" chirps Tim "So Do I Mate-but aren't you from Northwich"?

Lost in a town where everyone is a star Tim's musical ideas fail to hold this record together. Caught somewhere between Curtis Mayfield and John Lennon's New York years Mr. Burgess has made an album which is a substandard homage to some guys who had the songwriting capacity to leave there respective bands and boldly stand alone.


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