Tim Mcgraw has enjoyed having his three daughters around for his ''date nights'' with his wife, Faith Hill.

The 53-year-old country singer has enjoyed spending time with his family amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: ''Our date nights have really been cool for the last four weeks ... we've had my three daughters in. Everyone was tested and cleared and we came up on the hill here at the house and we never left. We sat outside, we set up tables outside, we played games, we watched movies. And we had a great time just hanging out. I mean, it was probably one of the most special times we've had as a family in a long, long time. And despite all the craziness going on in the world, we had a great four weeks together.''

And Tim has heaped praise on health workers and those who have kept the country going amidst the health crisis.

Speaking to Daily Pop!, he added: ''We can all sort of hunker down at home and be safe and keep our family near and order food from Amazon and, you know, do all those kind of things that everybody does, but these guys have to go out to the battle everyday. And they have to go out and put not only theirselves at risk but their families' lives at risk in a lot of ways or be away from their family. And I don't know that I would have that kind of heart.

''I don't know if I would have that kind of courage if put in that situation. So if I could lift those guys up and they deserve to be lifted up, then I'm all for it because they do God's work, I think, in a lot of ways.''