Country star Tim Mcgraw's young daughters have shown just how skilful they can be - by taking pictures of their dad for America's INSTYLE magazine.

The singer, husband of Faith Hill, is captured by his daughters, six-year-old GRACIE and four-year-old MAGGIE, on cameras provided by the publication.

McGraw, Kevin Bacon, Jeff Bridges, Andy Garcia, Harry Connick Jr and MEKHI PHIFER are included in a special Father's Day tribute feature called 'Big Daddies'.

Gracie says, "My dad makes pancakes for us and plays monsters and colours. He teaches us to respect our parents and to love each other."

Maggie continues, "The best thing about my dad is the way he cuddles us."

McGraw adds, "The best thing about being a dad is the unconditional love. You wake up every day and know what the most important thing in your life is. My greatest hope is that my kids have confidence, happiness and humility."

04/06/2003 09:29