Actor Tim Robbins has paid tribute to his folk star dad Gil Robbins, who died on Tuesday (05Apr11) at the age of 80.
Gilbert Lee Robbins, a folk singer and member of the early 1960s group the Highwaymen, passed away at his home in Esteban Cantu, Mexico.
He started his career in New York's Greenwich Village folk scene as a member of the Cumberland Three and the Belafonte Singers before joining the Highwaymen in 1962.
He played and sang baritone on five of the Highwaymen's albums before they broke up in 1964.
Robbins went on to manage the Gaslight Club in Greenwich Village's popular MacDougal Street.
In a statement to the Associated Press, Tim Robbins remembers his dad as "a fantastic father", "a great musician" and "a man of unshakable integrity".
He adds, "His commitment to social justice was evident to us from an early age, as was his infectious mischievous sense of humour.
"His passing has created great sadness for all of us and our mother but we take comfort in knowing that the angels will soon be soothed by the songs coming from his beautiful baritone voice."