Frederic Auburtin, the director of the FIFA movie United Passions - widely considered to be a propaganda film and one of the worst examples of filmmaking in recent memory - has conceded that the movie is a "disaster."

Tim RothTim Roth played Sepp Blatter in the FIFA movie United Passions

Auburtin, who says he regrets his involvement, called the most "a mess" and claimed he originally set out to make a Michael Moore style movie before struggling under the weight of the football organisation.

"Now I'm seen as bad as the guy who brought Aids to Africa or the guy who caused the financial crisis," he told the Hollywood Reporter. "My name is all over [this mess] and apparently I am a propaganda guy making films for corrupt people."

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United Passions cost $30 million to make (financed mainly by FIFA) though opened to just $918 in its first weekend at the box-office following recent controversies. Tim Roth, who played Sepp Blatter, claimed it was a role that will have his father "turning in his grave."

Aubertin says the original title, as suggested by FIFA was Men of Legend and then "The Dreammakers."

"Can you imagine such a title?" he asked. "It's nonsense."

"I'm a victim of the game," he said. "It's a disaster, but that is not the point, I accepted the job. [But] I was not paid to be the Che Guevara of the sports business. Please don't make me the guy responsible for the fact that Fifa is rotten."

United Passions holds a score of 0% on the review aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes. 

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