Hip-hop superproducer Timbaland steers clear of driving because he still has flashbacks of a tragic car accident which claimed the life of a female friend.
The star had just begun to taste success as a beatmaker after working with 1990s R&B singer DeVante when he decided to splurge his cash on a new vehicle.
He took the car out for a late night spin with a pal, but the ride ended in tragedy when he hit a patch of black ice on the road and smashed into a tree.
Timbaland managed to climb out of the mangled wreckage but his passenger wasn't so lucky and died at the scene.
In an E! True Hollywood Story special, he said, "The car was wrapped around the tree like a candy cane."
He cried for days after the accident and suffered nightmares - and he has struggled to come to terms with the loss ever since.
He added, "I still get flashbacks when I'm in the car, that's why I don't like to drive. I haven't moved on from it (the accident), I still deal with it. I just thank god I'm here. I'm not supposed to be here."