Hip-hop producer Timbaland insists Justin Timberlake's hit SEXYBACK is so hot, it makes straight men question their sexuality. The star, real name TIMOTHY MOSELEY, sings on the track and also produced the song. He tells Blender magazine, "Some people listen to a song like SexyBack and think, 'Am I queer? Am I funny?' "If you are that way, you're just that way. But if you're a masculine man, embrace it. Have a glass of wine, put the record on, invite your girl over to get sexy." Timbaland, who also produced Nelly Furtado's hit PROMISCUOUS, claims the hip-hop industry is suffering from tough financial times. He says, "There was a time...like '97, '98, back when the industry was hot that I was getting $300,000 (GBP167,000) a track. And I was doing ten tracks every two weeks! "(Now) I stay in the digits, but it's nowhere near where it was."