Last night saw the season premiere of SNL and with Tina Fey hosting, Arcade Fire as the musical guest, six new castmembers and even a cameo from Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, it couldn’t have been any better. Fey used her opening monologue to “initiate” the six new actors, in a bit, which left them stripped down to some golden lame underwear, much like what a college frat initiation, we’d imagine. Besides hosting, SNL veteran Fey also featured in several sketches, including spot-on send up of HBO's "Girls" where she played a new addition to the cast, an Albanian immigrant named Blerta, an obligatory bit of air travel humor with a sketch about boarding airplanes and a dark and sarcastic used-car commercial from the 1920s.

Tina Fey, Primetime Emmy Awards
Fresh off her delightful Emmy appearance, Fey returned to her old home at SNL.

Of course, Arcade Fire weren’t left out of the fun either. A brilliant bit, in which Fey attempted to tell the difference between AF and the new castmembers killed two birds with one stone – continuing the roast of the newbies and also making good use of the musical guests’ hidden acting talents. Of course, they also did that music thing they were there to do and performed three whole songs off their upcoming album Reflektor, due to be released next month.

Arcade Fire, Juno Press Room
Arcade Fire also took part in a sketch or two.

And last but not least, there were plenty of Aaron Paul cameos to keep any Breaking Bad fans, eagerly anticipating tonight’s episode, entertained. The actor showed up in a sketch about the Affordable Healthcare Act, in which Pharaoh Obama attempted to explain the Act, showed up in Weekend Update later on and, of course, was hilarious as ever in a funny, if a bit dark ad for “eMeth electronic cigarettes.” All in all, a great start. At the start of its 39th season, it appears SNL still has its finger right on the pulse of pop culture. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Tina Fey remained blissfully free of overly hyped wardrobe malfunctions throughout the night.

Check out all of Fey's SNL promos below.