Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes on Sunday (January 13, 2013) and will no doubt bring a touch of Saturday Night Live to one of Hollywood's glitziest evenings. The close friends decided to host the event because - according to Fey - it's "a very kind of sloppy, loud party, and that seemed like our kind of thing." Indeed, it's going to be so sloppy that the hosts have devised their very own drinking game for Sunday drinkers to enjoy.

The Globes is traditionally more raucous than the Oscars. Basically, the organizers want to invite the most famous people available, stick them into a room together and ply them with champagne. Things happen. Mickey Rourke usually gives something his middle finger, Ricky Gervais makes an inappropriate joke as Johnny Depp looks on disapprovingly, despite being in on the joke. Anyway, Fey and Poehler are of the opinion that if they can have a party, then so can we! The pair explained the rules of their drinking game while in conversation with the Hollywood Reporter. So here goes:

-Drink any time an actress cries in a speech

-Drink any time you see a person actively not listening to someone onstage

-Drink any time someone says "I didn't prepare anything!"

-Take off an article of clothing any time they show Judi Dench

-Take off an article of clothing any time Maggie Smith wins

-Eat a meatball sub any time someone thanks Harvey Weinstein

The Golden Globes air on NBC this Sunday January 13, 2013, at 8pm EST. Probably worth getting the meatball subs prepared now. Lots of them.