Tina Fey has put a stop to all the Mean Girls sequel rumours that have been circulating lately, saying that a follow-up to the oft-quoted 2004 teen hit is out of the question. Fans are largely split between two camps: those who would love to see a sequel with Lindsay Lohan and the original crew, and those who think another film would be laboured, unnecessary and run the risk of damaging the appeal of its predecessor.

Tina Fey
Tina Fey Has Shot Down Rumours Of A 'Mean Girls' Sequel.

Fey and Lohan appeared on Jimmy Fallon's first episode of The Tonight Show last month where they addressed the calls for more Means Girls action. The 30 Rock star said that whilst there was an argument for temporarily reuniting the cast - 19th April will mark the film's 10 year anniversary - there was little chance that any plans would be made for another film.

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams: Fans Probably Won't Be Seeing An Onscreen 'Mean Girls' Reunion Soon.

Fey said: "I said to her [Lohan], 'Oh, I think someone may call us about doing some kind of reunion because next month is the 10th anniversary of the movie.' And so really... if everyone's around we might try to do some kind of like panel discussion, but it's not like another movie. At most, it would be like a panel discussion with a plate of hot wings. It's definitely not a movie."

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried: There May Be A Cast Reunion To Mark The Movie's 10 Year Anniversary.

She added: "It's been 10 years. You can tell when you look at me." Asked whether she'd written another movie, Fey replied: "No! I wish I had written a movie. No, it's just [...] Mostly we're trying to get a party going."

Lacey Chabert
Lacey Chabert: Fey & Her Husband Are Said To Be Planning A Musical Adaptation Of The Film.

However, Tina did reveal that she and her husband, the composer Jeff Richmond, are currently working on a stage musical adaptation of the high school dramedy. Fans of the franchise may remember the 2011 spin-off, Mean Girls 2, which failed to capitalise on the success of its fetch forbearer.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan: Fans May Be Eager For More But Fey & Co. Have No Plans For Another Film.